Knowing your property in goods hands brings peace of mind. And what better than being freed from worries linked to your absence.

Having a holiday home must only bring moments of peace and joy.

When you are far you must be away from that frame of mind.

  • Rest on us; we will create a presence to keep undesired visitors away. We will empty your letterbox; will call by and open shutters while we are present, avoiding identical time slots.
  • Your garden and your swimming pool will get all the care they need to be ready for your arrival.
  • When you arrive, you will come to a heated house in winter, ventilated and clean of winter dust from spring onwards, not forgetting hot water!
  • You will find in our “News” section, publications concerning weather forecasts of our region. These will no longer bring worries as we will go and see your property and check all is fine.
    In the vent of a problem we will contact you immediately and if you wish to do so, you will be able to appoint us to rapidly contact your insurance company.